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Guradian praises Le Marche
Published by in Travel • 30/03/2013 10:38:46
Today's Guardian newspaper praises Le Marche, saying: "Stretching for around 100 miles along the Adriatic coast, with hilltowns to rival those of Tuscany and Umbria, Le Marche is a gorgeous and affordable region to explore" See for the full article.

Prices slashed for 2013
Published by in Bookings • 28/03/2013 13:16:52
Ryanair sale
Published by in Travel • 25/04/2012 13:10:14
Toys and games for all ages.
Published by in At Il Melo • 02/02/2011 10:19:15
Toys, games and books at il Melo
Rental market booming
Published by in Bookings • 18/01/2011 15:59:30
Sunday Times recommends Le Marche villas
Published by in Travel • 09/01/2011 21:06:43
New Year at Il Melo
Published by in At Il Melo • 04/01/2011 11:34:36
Last day
Published by Duncan in At Il Melo • 14/04/2010 20:39:44
Shopping for wine, oil and pasta (not without its difficulties) and packing to leave.
Lunch with the neighbours
Published by Duncan in At Il Melo • 13/04/2010 23:37:25
... and the children build dens
Cherry blossom, snow and eggy bread
Published by Duncan in At Il Melo • 12/04/2010 21:44:12
A quiet day at il Melo